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Bolly Dancing Studio

Mumbai(1992) | Singapore(2008) 

International Dance & Fitness Studio Bolly Dancing is Specialist in Beginners Bollywood dance & Zumba Fitness classes.

After success in Mumbai, where we established our Bolly Dancing Studio in 1992, we decided to reach out to absolute beginners in Singapore in 2008 with specialist classes for all ages, fitness levels and dance experience. Our aim is to introduce the most authentic Bollywood Dance through easy-to-follow, and fun fusion dance classes that are modern and totally different from anything else.

Bolly Dancing Studio has run regular dance & fitness classes, workshops, team-building sessions & wellness programs for Corporate, Government Departments & Educational Institutions. Over 15,000 participants & big corporate names have became part of this growing community and culture, joining in festivals and events.

We introduced Modern Bollywood Dance as a mainstream, fun and fitness based way for locals and expats, to keep fit and de-stress no matter what's your age or fitness level. Bollywood Dance is very easy to learn and it brings unmatched excitement through it's upbeat music and easy-learning techniques used by our trained and experienced instructors at Bolly Dance Studio!

 Bollywood Dance has now become a part of our multi-cultural facet 

Our Students have participated in number of international dance festivals held under the auspices of UNESCO in various countries like Thailand, Denmark, France, UK, Spain and Germany.

We're available to provide you with adults, teens & kids Bollywood dance classes, Zumba Fitness Classes, Corporate Workshops, Private Lessons, Wedding Choreography & Performance training. We also conduct private classes in condominiums across south mumbai for small groups. Participants can enjoy learning to dance on the latest and the most popular Bollywood numbers.


Bolly Dazz Fitness

 Bolly DaZz® is an international modern fitness workout program that combines Bollywood flavors with cardio and weight training to achieve a total body workout!

Bolly DaZz® fiesta combines all of the benefits of a high-intensity workout with the energy, fun and excitement of Bollywood dancing. Put together by world-class choreographers and made easy to follow by people of all fitness levels. Bolly DaZz® is sure to become a fitness trend that everyone will fall for.

Our dance curriculum has been designed to burn calories and you’ll have so much fun doing it that you won't even realize you're exercising. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, if you're a dance expert or even if you've never taken a Bollywood step in your life. We’ll ensure you can step up and start to bop Bolly-style from day one. Bolly DaZz® classes are fully adaptable to both body type and existing ability, allowing you to have fun, make progress and avoid any injuries. Plus, as well as burning more calories than you can imagine, the benefits of Bolly DaZz® Fitness include a boost to core strength, the building of lean muscles and lower levels of stress. What's more, you'll have so much fun that you'll turn up to every class with a smile and leave with a bigger one - and you won't be able to wait for the next session.

Bolly DaZz® follows an intermittent training format, alternating high-medium-low intensity exercises, burning more calories per workout, improving fitness levels with exercises, and targeting major muscle groups for an effective workout. All with scintillating Bollywood music to make it an exciting dance and fitness party!


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